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Class: Beast-Man

It is said that magic is a wondrous thing. It gives mere mortals power over the constraints placed upon them by the universe. It can renew life or snuff it out in an instant. It allows those who wield it to see the true nature of things, and they see the roiling mass of chaos that surrounds everything. This chaos seeks to twist and change all it touches, corrupting the very fabric of reality and those who dwell within its fragile shell.

Accursed and feared, Beast-men are those poor mortals who succumbed to the insidious warping influence that uncontrolled arcane energy has on mortal flesh. What was once a young apprentice who fouled up a spell, or a miner who happened upon a lode of unrefined wytchfire stone, now stands as a twisted slab of muscle and gristle with the features of a wild animal - a Beast-Man.

Hated and feared by their non-mutated brethren for what they represent, most Beast-Men are killed or driven into the wilds to fend for themselves, where some survive and multiply…

Space Goblins

I've veered somewhat heavily into sci-fi/science-fantasy territory in my setting design, with Egradus existing against a backdrop of a galactic war and in sort of post-post-apocalyptic state. Not Fallout or Mad Max levels of post apocalypse, but far enough along that the planet and the things on it have largely recovered from whatever ravages have wracked it.

This has led me to cast my eye over stock fantasy races and think about how they fit into this world. I've settled on plenty of them being genetically and/or magically engineered in one way or another by long-dead progenitor species, or mutated through exposure to magical fallout, actual fallout and other environmental contaminants. As such I've decided to take a slightly different tack with goblins, with some liberal inspiration from Warhammer 40,000.

Everyone in Egradus knows about goblins. They harass your livestock, sour your milk, make off with your children and burn your barn down. Goblins are, in fact, respons…

A Game of 40 Questions

Skerples over at the excellent Coins and Scrolls has recently posted a set of answers to Jeff Rients' famous twenty quick questions for your campaign setting. In a fit of genius or madness they also decided to answer Scrap Princess' slightly more eclectic set of questions. I'll go ahead and throw my hat into the ring with the following, and will link to further posts of relevance as I write them.


1. What is the deal with my cleric's religion?

This is a bit of an open-ended one - there are a multitude of deities on Egradus, ranging from village harvest spirits to nation-spanning gods of incredible power. The main faiths are those of Xixher (fire will purge all darkness, the darkness conveniently being that which is not Xixher), Auric (gold and banks and interest and debts, especially the debts) and Yenta (whispers, secrets and mysteries).

The role of clerics on Egradus is more similar to a paladin - they are chosen by their deity and infused with thei…

A Beginning

I've started this blog as an effort to contain my various rambles, fleeting thoughts, and other RPG-related things that run through my brain from time to time. Mostly this will equate to me posting half-baked, vague and wholly unoriginal ideas about a new setting that I'm designing (and hopefully, at some point, running) for my group.

For the first time since stepping into the GM's seat, I've written up a campaign primer for my players. At first I thought it was far too long but my players seem happy with it, particularly as an aid to choosing their starting position in the world and coming up with a few character ideas. Readers will probably notice that I've inserted pre-written settings in there wholesale, such as Noisms' excellent Yoon-Suin and both Fever Dreaming Marlinko and Slumbering Ursine Dunes from Hydra Cooperative, because why rely on my own anaemic imagination when some of the finest minds in the OSR movement are churning excellent stuff out at a r…