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OSR Class: Zealot

"In the grip of holy ecstasy I look upon the face of the Divine, and he knows that our cause is right and just!" - Father Edric Vahlen, the 'Red Priest'.
Another Pike & Shotte class! This will be the last non-wizard class I'll be posting - I've got some thoughts on Fighters and Thieves to come but I'm not sure how much I'll be changing them overall. More wizards will be coming soon.
Reiver could be compared to a Ranger of sorts - they have good Stealth and tracking skills and can put out a decent amount of damage. Fighters will stick close to their baseline of being combat masters who can soak and deal damage in equal measure. Thieves will be their usual sneaky selves. A Zealot, on the other hand, is essentially a holy barbarian - they are warriors in the grip of the Divine, who care little for their own safety as they hurl themselves at their enemies. Some of the background options might lead to some reskinning of the above, so develop these id…

Pike & Shotte: The War, Part 2

So, the War. My previous post contained possible causes and scenarios for the War itself. This post will get into the nitty-gritty of creating the armies.

This post contains precious little in terms of historical accuracy and instead focuses on implementing a set of easy-to-follow guidelines to create a warzone that your PCs can frolic, adventure and be horribly killed in. It originally contained a number of sections, but I've limited it to Armies & Battles due to the length it was reaching. Be warned that this post is incomplete and will contain references to things that have been left to later posts.

I'll be making subsequent posts on:
Creating the MapBattles & SiegesCampaign Event Cycle & Timeline As in my previous post, this assumes an Early Modern style of warfare, but can be easily tweaked.

There will be at least two armies in any region of Pike & Shotte. Armies may be created, altered or destroyed by events in a campaign. I classify armies as any armed gr…

OSR Class: Reiver

"Harrow! Harrow! To all true-blooded men and women I call ye to trod against the cowards of Clan Dremond, who stole away with mine two nights ago! Harrow! Harrow!" - 'Black' Tom Maughan, Marcher Reiver.
I'll upload more about the War soon, I promise.
Fighters are combat experts who excel at engaging and destroying multiple targets. Wizards have a variety of magical powers at their fingertips. A Sawbones can patch you up in an instant. A Thief can sneak and steal like no other. Reivers are dirty fighters who focus on getting in and out quickly, sowing chaos as they go, while knowing the lay of the land and being able to sneak around to find the best loot.
ReiverStarting Equipment: light armour, dagger, pistol, 12 Apostles.
A: Slewe Dogge; Plunder. B: Arsonist; Hot Trod. C: Opportunist. D: Harrow.
You gain +1 Stealth and +1 to Saves vs exposure and inclement weather for each Reiver template you possess.
Slewe Dogge You may mark a target within your line of sight. You ca…

OSR: Cosmology & Deep Time

The Deep Time machine keepsongoing. Things seem to be moving on to how Deep Time could be used to create worlds with bizarre layouts, as opposed to the regular geological layers in a sphere. Skerples has posted about spiral worlds, where travelling downstream brings you to past epochs and an upstream passage has yet to be discovered (or maybe a cold, icy future is what awaits), which I found to be a very interesting take.

This got me thinking about how Deep Time could be integrated into a setting's cosmology, and how this could affect the shape and layout of the material world. One thing that immediately popped into my head was Yggdrasil in Norse mythology - the enormous tree that connects the nine realms of gods and mortals.

Premise In the beginning the Authority created the First World, forming it from the raw stuff of chaos that roiled and churned in the void. It created and hung the burning sun in the day sky and the moon and stars in the night and sculpted the land and seas i…