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Egradus: Epochs & Ages

EDIT: I wasn't happy with #4 so I've removed it.

This has been inspired by these excellent posts at Coins and ScrollsThrone of SaltI Don't Remember That Move and Goodberry Monthly (and ultimately by the progenitor post by Arnold K, of Goblin Punch). Consider this rampant bandwagon-hopping.

Egradus stands in the wake of a devastating galactic war. It has been colonised, purged, terraformed, seeded with all manner of life targeted by various terrible weapons and entities. On a micro scale the planet itself has seen the rise and fall of advanced civilisations, with varying levels of environmental catastrophe resulting from each collapse. Traces and signs of these events lie buried deep in the earth.

1. The Formless Night
Charged solar particles strike the churning atmosphere of the newly formed planet and birth coruscating, self-perpetuating auroral waveforms that dance and snake above the volcanic hellscape. Beneath them, motile streams of magma arise from the thermocline…

Superstitions & Monsters

This post is something I've been working on to generate creatures that might haunt settlements in Egradus. Things of local legend that have been through so many permutations that their true forms have been lost and they now exist as persistent boogeymen ready to pounce from the periphery of civilisation.

Peasants are a superstitious lot. They hate and fear witches for hexing them, they hate and fear spirits for haunting them and they hate and fear their neighbours for their hateful and fearing ways. They wail as the frost kills their seedling crops and give offerings to their gods, even as they mutter that their gods are undeserving of such worship. Bad weather and hard times are the wrath of capricious beings made manifest; and there's some truth to all of the above. But belief empowers and fuels all things, not just the divine, and given enough time even imagined things can manifest in the material world.

Every town and village has their own legends - fables and parables to …

OSR: 1d100 Curse Symptoms

This is a bonus post that came about due to my inability to format a decent looking table for my previous 1d100 Curses & Hexes post. While the previous post contains a host of nasty curses to inflict upon player characters, this is more of a flavour list for the various symptoms that the spiritually afflicted might display.

1d100 Curse Symptoms
d100 RollCurse Symptom1All music played in the PC's presence becomes discordant and harsh.2Evil whispers follow the PC wherever they go.3The ambient temperature around the PC drops to near freezing.4The PC's skin becomes ivory pale.5The PC's blood vessels stand out black against their skin.6Tears of blood constantly leak from the PC's eyes.7Every morning the PC wakes up surrounded by vile, insulting notes.8Crows follow the PC, cawing sinisterly.9Stigmata painlessly open on the PC's hands.10Dogs howl in the PC's presence and cower in fear.11Water the PC touches turns blood red.12Open flames turn a sickly green when the…

OSR: 1d100 Hexes & Curses

My group and I have been using Lamentations of the Flame Princess (with a... reasonable number of alterations and house rules) and it fits our needs perfectly - it's fast, simple and lethal. However, while thinking up my Sin Eater class I took a look at what the rulebook had to say about curses (that being the Sin Eater's thing). The relevant passage can be found under the entry for Remove Curse, a reversible spell that also allows the caster to inflict a curse upon a target:
Bestow Curse (the reverse of Remove Curse) can bring about any number of unfortunate effects upon a being, determined by the caster and Referee. Some limits of effect must be enforced. Typical possibilities are limited to no more than a –2 pen alty to saving throws or –4 to hit, an ability being reduced by 50%. These effects can have any number of creative symptoms. The victim can avoid being affected by Bestow Curse with a successful saving throw versus Magic. While this is useful to have in a pinch, I wa…

OSR Class: Sin Eater

I've been thinking up a new way of organising class idea posts - I've settled on a brief intro, the class itself and notes on the mechanics, features of the class to consider if you use it in your campaign, and lastly how I tie the class into my Egradus campaign. As my group have decided on using Lamentations of the Flame Princess for our campaign all class details will be relevant to that system, with house rules and hacks pointed out where appropriate. So without further ado...
Magic-Users and Mage-Engineers gain their powers from the chaotic abyss that underpins and infiltrates reality, utilising learned techniques of hypnotic meditation, pnemonic recall and knowledge of metaphysical formulae to channel the raw chaotic energies of the Abyss without frying anything too important in their brains.

Clerics gain theirs from the god they are chosen by - their souls are endowed with divine energy for them to shape into miracles in furtherance of the glory of their god.
Sin Eaters…

Progress So Far - Campaign Tracking & Related Shilling

I've had a relatively busy time of things recently. Christmas decadence gave way to New Year blues which gave way to work-related insanity which gave way to buying a house, all of which has left me with precious little time to spew my idle thoughts over the internet. However, my gaming group and I have been forging ahead with adventures in Egradus which has been great - it's good to be running a campaign again after what feels like so long!

As I'm sure readers will appreciate, a campaign without accurate records of previous sessions isn't much of a campaign at all. In order to keep track of events that have happened previously (like a near TPK at the hands (claws? grippers?) of turbine golems a few weeks ago) I've been using Google Sites, which has proven perfect for my needs.

I originally started using the platform months ago while running one-shots and other small adventures for the group but it has since proven to be invaluable for campaign organisation and reco…

The City of Whispers: Guilds

So this has taken me quite a while to write up - things started out as general post-Christmas fatigue but have since moved into the arena of buying a house so I've managed to go from unmotivated to having virtually no time at all! I'm hoping to get things back to a more regular schedule in the next few weeks now that things are quietening down a bit more.
Anyhow, without further ado here is a brief introduction to the city and guilds of Ramliya, the City of Whispers.

Travelling through the Rustside Valley is a long and arduous affair. The Sendarian border princes and marcher lords are in constant competition with each other and the line between legitimate soldiers and bandits is blurred as they undertake raids on the surrounding territory, all while strange beasts lurk in the snow-capped carmine hills and mountains that tower on either side of the valley. Despite the dangers there is a constant flow of merchant and pilgrim traffic through the pass travelling to and from the Ci…