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OSR: 1d100 Curse Symptoms

This is a bonus post that came about due to my inability to format a decent looking table for my previous 1d100 Curses & Hexes post. While the previous post contains a host of nasty curses to inflict upon player characters, this is more of a flavour list for the various symptoms that the spiritually afflicted might display.

Credit, Marek Kwapuliński

1d100 Curse Symptoms

d100 RollCurse Symptom
1All music played in the PC's presence becomes discordant and harsh.
2Evil whispers follow the PC wherever they go.
3The ambient temperature around the PC drops to near freezing.
4The PC's skin becomes ivory pale.
5The PC's blood vessels stand out black against their skin.
6Tears of blood constantly leak from the PC's eyes.
7Every morning the PC wakes up surrounded by vile, insulting notes.
8Crows follow the PC, cawing sinisterly.
9Stigmata painlessly open on the PC's hands.
10Dogs howl in the PC's presence and cower in fear.
11Water the PC touches turns blood red.
12Open flames turn a sickly green when the PC is near.
13The PC's voice is reduced to a sibilant whisper.
14The PC leaves no footprints.
15The PC's tongue becomes forked like a serpent's.
16The flesh on the PC's hands painlessly rots away. Their hands function normally.
17The PC smells faintly of brimstone and blood.
18A single blood red rune is branded on the PC's forehead.
19The PC's pupils pulse with a red glow.
20The PC's finger- and toenails fall out.
21Rats form a silent procession behind the PC as they pass through a town.
22The PC's teeth become jagged and uneven.
23All of the PC's teeth fall out at once.
24A shadowy figure can occasionally be seen looming over the PC.
25Objects that the PC puts down always point or face East.
26The PC's voice is accompanied by the moans of damned and tormented souls.
27The PC's hair is bleached bone white.
28The PC's skin breaks out in eldritch patterns of angry hives.
29Any fire that the PC approaches starts to whisper in the background.
30The PC's eyes look milky and clouded.
31The PC's eyes become glittering black orbs.
32Black marks and runes travel across the PC's flesh.
33The PC's skin turns an unhealthy, jaundiced yellow.
34Thick hair sprouts from the PC's palms and soles.
35The PC's nails elongate dramatically, reaching their previous length within an hour if trimmed.
36The PC's shadow sometimes wanders off.
37Songbirds that come within 50' of the PC drop dead.
38The PC's presence is accompanied by the ghostly rattling of chains.
39The PC's footprints are like those of a monstrous, clawed creature.
40The PC's pupils become slitted, like a cat.
41The PC sprouts a pair of small horns from their forehead.
42The PC is constantly drenched in sweat.
43The PC's skin takes on a pallid, blue tinge.
44A comb of brightly coloured feathers sprouts from the PC's scalp.
45Colours become dull and washed out in the PC's presence.
46The ambient temperature around the PC is much warmer than their surroundings.
47Animals near the PC pronounce predictions of doom in a croaking voice.
48Sleeping people near the PC suffer terrible nightmares.
49Any mirror the PC looks into immediately shatters.
50The faces of corpses within 100' of the PC twist into grimacing smiles.
51Smoke within 100' of the PC twists into the shape of grinning skulls.
52People and animals in pictures and paintings that the PC looks at weep tears of blood.
53Any weapons put down or dropped in the PC's presence will land pointing at them.
54Coins handled by the PC bear a skull on one side and a sword on the other.
55The PC's blood becomes thick, black and foul-smelling.
56The PC tarnishes any metal they touch.
57Thorns emerge from the PC's scalp.
58The PC's hair falls out in clumps.
59A screaming face can be seen at the back of the PC's throat.
60The PC smells faintly of rotten meat.
61Instead of sweat, the PC excretes sand from their pores.
62The PC's tongue engorges and protrudes from their mouth.
63Riding animals will refuse to let the PC mount them.
64The PC erupts in boils and buboes.
65The PC sprouts shaggy fur all over their body.
66Insects are attracted to the PC and they will be covered in flies in moments.
67Pictures of the PC will always depict their face as a screaming skull.
68The PC's reflection is bestial and twisted.
69When washing, the PC will continually shed filth and dirt long after they are clean.
70The PC has no reflection.
71The PC's bedding will always be infested with mites and fleas.
72Food the PC touches becomes bland and unappetising.
73Any coins the PC drops land on their edges and spin.
74The PC's hands are swapped with each other.
75The PC's sweat becomes slimy and sticky.
76Chickens aggressively mob and peck at the PC.
77The word 'KNAVE' is spelled out in pimples on the PC's face.
78The PC's skin is covered in rough scales.
79The backs of the PC's hands are branded with black runes.
80Cats hiss and yowl if the PC comes within 100' of them.
81Objects that the PC puts down always stick slightly to the surface below them.
82The PC's presence turns wine into vinegar.
83Cattle produce sour milk and horses pull up lame in the PC's passing.
84The PC's feet twist into cloven hooves.
85The PC will always appear soaked in blood when stood in moonlight.
86The PC's face cannot be remembered.
87The PC always looks slightly translucent.
88The PC's joints continually click and crack when they move.
89The PC's face has the form of a skull in torchlight.
90The PC constantly drools.
91The PC becomes gaunt and cadaverous.
92The PC's touch chills to the bone.
93Sources of flame always sway and pull towards the PC.
94Children and animals flee in terror at the PC's presence.
95The PC's voice is heard from behind whoever they are talking to.
96The PC's flesh sags loose from their bones.
97A second mouth opens and stretches across the PC's abdomen.
98An extra finger appears on both of the PC's hands.
99An extra joint appears on the PC's thumbs.
100The PC's tongue splits entirely in two.

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  1. This is positively nightmarish. Such ghoulish delights you have prepared, something to appeal to the black tongue of any Referee with a taste for the eldritch.


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