Monday 2 July 2018

OSR: Character Races

Having chatted with my players, we've made the collective decision to GLOG-ify my Egradus setting. The Pike & Shotte classes I've been working on have been designed to work with the generally Early Modern-ish setting - firearms, blackpowder and other such things - but I've needed to get a set of races sorted to satisfy my players' demands for weird and wonderful things to choose from (before they inevitably choose humans anyway, the sods). Skerples has made an excellent table of d50 OSR Races and has nailed the format for presenting them. Mine will be done in much the same fashion - flavourful perks and drawbacks, and a choice of stat to reroll.

The existing choices in my Lamentations of the Flame Princess-based game are: human, elf, dwarf, halfling, orc, and beast-man. The majority of the races presented below will be beast-man types (similar to Skerples' -lings). Beast-man forms are generally humanoid with animal features, but this may vary depending on what my players feel like or what I think is appropriate to the setting.

Credit, Mirko Failoni

Character Races

d100RaceStat RerollPerkDrawback
1-20HumanAny1 Boon to benefits from beneficial magic1 Bane on Saves vs mutation
21-30ElfCHACan tell if an item is magical on sightSave when using magic items or drain 1d6 charges
31-40DwarfSTR1 Boon on Saves vs magicSave or be transfixed by the full moon
41-50HalflingDEXEat half as many rations-2 Inventory Slots
51-60OrcCONAdd character level to all healingSave or half effect from beneficial magic
61Boar-manCONCan smell food within 200'Eat twice as many rations
62Deer-manCHALeave no tracks in wildernessSave or flee (1d4 Rounds) if surprised
63Goat-manDEXMovement unaffected in rough terrain1 Bane on all Stealth rolls due to pervasive goat-odour
64Horse-manSTR+2 Inventory SlotsSave or suffer 1d4 damage when incurring Fatigue
65Badger-manWISCan excavate twice as much with your pawsPoor vision beyond 50'.
66Cat-manDEXNight visionSave or toy with wounded enemies (reduce to 1hp if damage is lethal)
67Hound-manCONCan track targets by scentSave vs commands from legitimate authority figures
68Ox-manSTRHorns - 1d6 damage natural weapon + Save or stunned for 1 RoundHungry enemies attack you first
69Crow-manINTCan sense spirits of the deadSave or devour carrion
70Otter-manINTCan hold breath for 8 minutesOily skin makes it easier to slip (1 Bane when climbing, balancing etc.)
71Fish-manWISCan swim at double MovementDrink twice as much liquid
72Bear-manSTRClaws - 1d6 natural weaponsCan't fit in tight spaces, armour is 50% more expensive
73Rat-manINT1 Boon to Saves vs Disease1 Bane on Saves vs Fear
74Owl-manWIS1 extra Boon to Stealth at nightCan only eat raw meat
75Snake-manINTPoisonous bite - 1d6 + poisonMovement halved and all rolls made with 1 Bane when cold
76Peacock-manCHACan dazzle enemies in combat as an action (Save or 1 Bane on attacks)Take 1 Bane on all rolls if soiled/dirty
77Gull-manINTCan eat anything organicIncapable of being quiet - 1 Bane on all Stealth rolls
78Songbird-man*CHA1 Boon on social interactions after singingSave or be distracted by food
79Mole-manWISCan burrow beneath the ground as a movement actionVision limited to 10'
80Spider-manDEX1 Boon on all climbing rollsCannot eat solid food
81Sheep-manCON1 Boon to resist poor weather and coldSave or flee (1d4 Rounds) if surprised
82Lizard-manCONEat half as many rationsMovement halved and all rolls made with 1 Bane when cold
83Hawk-manDEX20/5 visionIf an attack does max damage, Save or boast for 1 Round
84Slug-man**INTSticky foot can adhere to walls/ceilingSalt does 1d6 damage
85Crab-man**STRClaws - 2d8 natural weaponsMouthparts can't speak humanoid languages
86Mouse-manDEXCan detect incredibly quiet soundsSave or freeze (1d4 Rounds) if surprised
87Moth-manDEXCan shed a dust cloudSave or attracted to lights when in darkness
88Locust-manSTRCan leap 100'Eat twice as many rations
89Wasp-manINTSugary food counts as double rationsSave or go beserk when damaged
90Frog-manSTRSticky tongue can grab objects 20' awayDrink twice as much liquid
91Stoat-manSTR1 Boon on all combat manoeuvresCan only eat raw meat
92Rabbit-manCHACan jump twice as highSave or flee (1d4 Rounds) if surprised
93Heron-manWISBeak - extra attack with natural weapon as daggerCan only eat raw fish
94Beetle-manSTRCan lift objects twice heavier than the regular weight limit1 Bane to all Movement rolls
95Ant-manSTR+2 Inventory SlotsSave if attempting to go against tradition or fall catatonic for 1 Turn
96Pheasant-manCHA1 Boon on Movement when sprintingSave or dash for cover if surprised
97Monkey-manINTPrehensile tailSave or tinker with mechanical objects
98Fox-manCHA1 Boon to Stealth when thieving/deceivingSave or kill prisoners after battle
99Hare-manDEXGain 1 Boon on all Movement checksSolitary - gain no benefit from assistance
100Worm-manWISCan move through cracks a few inches wide (without equipment)-2 Inventory Slots

* This covers small-medium songbirds like sparrows, tits, starlings etc.
** Yoon-Suin is a visit-able location in my game so these have been made with that in mind. Crab-men in Yoon-Suin are slaves.

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  1. Shouldn't the deer man be paralyzed with fright instead of fleeing?


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