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OSR Class: Sin Wizard

"Sin is the measure of Divine punishment inflicted upon His wayward children. Those who repent their sins are saved in glorious life everlasting, those who do not are cast aside, and those who revel and wallow in sin will suffer eternal torment in the hereafter." - Saint Wheldon, 'On the Nature of Sin and Man'

I liked my Sin Eater class too much to not GLOG-ify it. I couldn't think of a good way to adapt Blight into this class so I have left it out and made it a purely wizard-based class, tweaked to be a bit more evil-witch-y.

While the Sin Eater is more of a tragic martyr type, Sin Wizards are outlaws who specialise in curses and hexes. While any renegade wizard will be referred to as a 'witch', Sin Wizards are most likely to be labelled with such a moniker by virtue of their powers.

They live on the outskirts of society, ever hunted by the Church and fearful nobles. Despite this they sometimes latch on to isolated communities as sages, healers and even protectors, though this is often backed with a healthy dose of fear for the powers they could unleash upon their host community.

Credit, Kseniia Tselousova

Wizard: Sin

Additional Starting Equipment: sickle (small weapon), salt box, chalk, 3 black candles.

Status: Outlaw.

Perk: You can immediately tell if someone or something is cursed. If you concentrate for one minute you can determine the nature of the curse and how it was inflicted.

Drawback: People find you uncomfortable to be around. Domesticated animals flee from your touch.

Good luck convincing people you're there to help or trying to ride anywhere.

1. You may change the colour of flames within 20' with a snap of your fingers.
2. You can make dairy animals produce sour milk for 1d12 days.
3. If someone accepts your shelter and salt, you can whisper a message to them as if you were standing next to them. This works once and then you need to host them again.

Credit, Anna R

Sin Wizard Spell List

1. Eye of Terror
Range: 50'; Target: [dice] creatures with souls; Duration: [sum] Rounds
A black eye appears on the your outstretched palm and its baleful gaze strikes terror into the souls of those that it sees, for they see the stains their own sins have left and will leave upon their souls. The target flees for the duration and may Save to halve this (minimum of 1 Round). Creatures without souls are unaffected by this.

2. Darkness Within
Range: 0'; Target: Self; Duration: [dice] Turns
You tease and warp ethereal darkness around you, extruding it invisibly outward. You don't become invisible, but beings around you simply don't notice you through the veil of spiritual darkness.

3. Darkness Without
Range: 50' + [dice] x 10'; Target: Cloud; Duration: [sum] Rounds
You exhale a cloud of unnatural black smoke that carries whispers and faint screams. The smoke extinguishes flames, blocks all vision and all caught within it must Save vs CON or vomit a tarry black substance for 1d6 rounds. The cloud does not react to wind.

4. Hex Lance
Range: 60'; Target: One creature; Duration: Instant
You hurl a lance of bubbling black energy at a target, which deals [dice]d6 damage. If you cast this spell with 2 or more [dice] the target must Save or suffer a minor curse (1 Bane to all rolls) for [dice] Rounds.

5. Nithing
Range: 20'² + 10'² for each [dice]Target: N/A; Duration: [sum] days
You invest any number of [dice] in this spell - they do not return to you while the spell is active. You protect an area with a minor hex (discuss with the GM but something that inflicts a Bane on STR or DEX rolls is generally appropriate) . The spell erects a set of rune carved posts topped with animal skulls which face outwards and mark the border of the protected area. You know as soon as someone crosses the border or meddles with one of the nithings and this person, along with [dice] others within 100' is afflicted by the chosen curse for the duration.

6. Levitate
Range: 50'; Target: One creature or object; Duration: Concentration
You will an object to raise, lower, or hover. You cannot move the object horizontally, and you cannot move it more than 10' per turn. Maximum weight is [dice] x 500lbs. The spell lasts as long as you concentrate, but you suffer 1d6 Shock per round after [dice]x3 rounds.

7. Sickness Eater
Range: Touch; Target: One creature; Duration: Instant
You lay your hands on a target and gaze upon their soul. The soul, being a reflection of the body and mind, carries traces of any physical diseases and parasites which have their own astral essence. You can cure one disease from the target per use of this power, drawing it into your own being. You must Save vs CON with 1 Boon when using this spell - if you fail you suffer 1d6 damage. Either way, you do not require food for a week after using this power.

8. Insidious Whispers
Range: 100'; Target: One creature; Duration: [dice] hours
You whisper to the soul of a creature within 100'. You must be able to see the creature but it doesn't need to be capable of hearing you. Your whispers tempt them towards harmful and malicious actions, giving way to the darkness that exists within all things. The target must Save or fall under your control for the duration - while under your control they will enact neutral, immoral and violent actions without question, but ordering them to perform moral or peaceful actions will allow them another Save to shrug off your control. Once the effect wears off the target will indulge in base impulses for a number of days equal to your level.

9. Violent Ends
Range: 50'; Target: Dead creature (killed less than 1 Turn ago); Duration: Instant
You drain parts of a recently killed creature's departing soul and twist its energy into your own being. If you cast this spell with 1-2 [dice] you are able to reinvigorate your body with this energy and heal [dice]d6 HP. If you cast this spell with 3 or more [dice] you seize a sizeable fragment of the departing soul - along with the same healing effect as previously noted you also incorporate some of their memories, which may hold clues as to the local area.

10. Hold
Range; 50'; Target: [dice] creatures; Duration: [sum] Rounds
You lock your targets in place. They can still breath and grunt but cannot move their jaw to speak. They can still blink and move their eyes. Each target may attempt a Save, if successful they are instead Slowed for the duration.

11. Polymorph
Range: 100'; Target: One creature; Duration: Permanent
You twist and shape the target's form into that of another creature. The target may Save to limit the duration to [sum] weeks. You may choose the form based on the following:

  • [sum] ≤ 5: Tiny, like a songbird, rat, toad or a large spider.
  • [sum] 6-10: Small, like a cat, eagle, rabbit or a salmon.
  • [sum] 11-15: Medium, like a wolf, cougar, chimpanzee or a donkey.
  • [sum] 16-20: Large, like an ox, horse, bear or tiger.
  • [sum] ≥ 21: Huge, like an elephant, whale or giraffe. You can also choose a magical creature no larger than a juvenile dragon.

The target's mind is unaffected (though some distress is likely) and they are used to their new physical form straight away. The target's equipment clatters to the floor around them but may still be attached due to straps, belts etc.. You may end the spell effect at will.

12. Curse*
Range: 50'; Target: One creature; Duration: Permanent

You inflict a major curse on the target. Choose or roll on this table and adjust accordingly - all curses have some way to lift them, discuss this with the GM. You must invest 4 [dice], which are automatically exhausted. You cannot dispel this curse.

*Taken from Skerples' Animist Wizard.

Credit, Danielius Borisevičius

1. MD only return to your pool on a 1-2 for 24 hours.
2. Take 1d6 damage.
3. Random mutation for 1d6 Rounds, then Save with a -4 penalty. Permanent if you fail.
4. You vomit 1d20 litres of black, tarry liquid and are incapacitated for 1d6+2 Rounds.
5. You gain no beneficial effects from magic until the next day.
6. Darkness fogs your vision past 50' for 1d6 Turns.

1. Your fingers are stained black. Your body begins to shrivel your CHA is halved.
2. You arms are stained black up to the elbows. Your body shrivels further, becoming gaunt and sunken. All around you distrust you and you take 2 Banes to all social interactions/reaction rolls.
3. Your body shrivels to a blackened husk. Your spirit becomes an NPC that lurks in dark places and seeks to trick and devour mortals with riddles and hexes.

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